Why The Local Outsider?

For the longest time, people have been asking me why don’t I start my own blog, given how profound & deep I can get with my thoughts and just in general otherwise. I would be lying if I said that starting my own blog hasn’t been on my mind for the longest time, because every little thing that I do, everyday, gives me a piece of inspiration to pen down those little precious moments. Be it the sun that sets in front of my eyes, or eating a delicious meal or just simply receiving a ‘good news’ phone call from a friend or something concerning my wellbeing. But then again the question arises every now and then- ‘Zoran you are so good with your words, don’t you think it’s time you begin copywriting and documenting these precious snippets?’ Quite frankly, I have always been a firm believer that it is one’s thoughts in their darkest hours of struggle, which makes that person that he or she is.

There have been instances in my life where nothing seemed to heal or comfort my confused jigsaw of mindsets or my emotional pain, until my bright reflexes urged me to write every bit of that discomfort and emotional sadness I would go through. And that was the beginning of a belief that if someday, I fail as an actor on the ‘big screen’, Writing would be generous enough to lend me a career. But behind all these valid pull overs and reasons to feed the soul through my words of enlightenment and insight, the biggest reason and inspiration in wanting to FINALLY start my own blog, has been my Mother.

Every time I’ve failed to live up to any kind of expectations, my mother has and will forever be the nurturing prospect in my every day existence. Every single time I drift away from my priorities and loose focus from what I believe I do best, she has always been there to remind me of my true worth. There is not much I can do to express the essence of my love for my mother enough, because how much ever I try, I know I’ll be forgetting to thank her for another 500 things that she does without even letting me know that she has, because she wants me to be happy and never wants to see a drop of tear in my eye.

It is therefore only fitting, that I dedicate the first post of ‘The Local Outsider’, to a person that lives every second of her life with me in her sight and mind. Someone who I consider as an ideal brand ambassador of Humanity which is far beyond evident, given the multiple instances where she’s done so much for the underprivileged and those in need, and continues to tirelessly and relentlessly do so, through her beautiful charity endeavours.

Fortunate are those who grow up in front of examples that create an impact, sheerly by their presence. As for me, I am fortunate and blessed to be born in a world to a genuinely gigantic hearted person that I call my Mom.

Mom, Thank you for bringing me into this world and more importantly, THANK YOU for giving my blog ‘The Local Outsider’, a reason to see the light of day. I Love You!

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