Food Review- Suzette, Mumbai

Ever since I discovered this cute, quaint, french cafe, I instantly new that it was something right up my alley in terms of it’s ambience, vibe, menu and of course, the rich Coffee & Crêpe culture that it induces upon me every time I make a visit. Suzette has been my personal favourite, and a frequent feature in my “must try” places.

One could often find me at Bandra’s Suzette outlet either working on my laptop or engrossed in a deep chat with someone. But regardless of the occasion, I always make sure to order their speciality Nutel’latte, which is to die-for (as the name suggests). It’s a richly brewed latte with a layering of fresh Nutella that sits at the bottom of the cup & mixes when you stir your coffee. Quite simply, it’s delicious and aromatic with every sip that you take.

And this was no different when I for the first time went to Suzette’s Nariman Point branch last week for lunch, as I ordered the ‘Campagne’ Crêpe. Not only does it look intriguing from the outside, but being a generous portion, it comes with a filling of Chicken bacon, goat cheese and honey toasted walnuts. The crunchy taste of the walnuts is a great blend to the spectacular goat cheese that they use. I’ve ordered this Crepe several times, because every time I taste it, it takes me back to a  Parisian cafe on Champs-Élysées.
If you are a lover of Coffee and enjoy Crêpes in an ambience that invites charm in it’s food, right from the smell to the first bite you take, then you should find some time to make a trip to Suzette if you haven’t already.

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