Fire Meets Spice At AMAYA!

The interesting thing about trying to balance the spice ingredient into a dish that offers diverse flavours, is that sometimes it tends to overpower the simple experience that it aims to deliver. About 2 weeks back, I attended the opening of AMAYA, a quality Indian restaurant, located at the Phoenix Market City in Bandra Kurla. With a hungry tummy to begin the evening, what culminated at the end of the night was a delicious palate of Spice in every dish that gave every taste that needed the fire to enjoy what the chef had prepared.

The first thing that made it’s way to the table were the Noorani & Gilafi Seekh Kebabs . The Noorani Kebabs had a certain pungentness to it, giving it that extra bit of heat. I enjoyed it for a couple of bites, but then found it dry overall. The Gilafi Kebabs were more rich in it’s ingredients, giving the palate a certain sense of lightness and juiciness. And that’s always something that I look for in a good Kebab.


Next on the table were the famous Hara Bhara Kebabs. Known for it’s spinach & green peas mixture, this one I felt lacked that moistness in the texture that you’d expect when munching on a kebab. That given, it didn’t really excite me very much.


The Lehsooni Jheenga was one appetizer that grabbed my fancy, the second I took my first bite of it. Not only did it provide a delicious variant of a yoghurt based concoction, but the garlic infused element in the prawns, gave it that succulent boost. Yummy was the word!

I thought the Hare Mirch Aur Dhania Ki Tikki was a bold attempt at using coriander and chilly, in a spicy creamy patty. It had a lot going on from “what’s inside it” to “I want more of this”. And therefore, it worked perfectly as a Veg appetizer.

The Panner Tikka was a signature preparation of soft pieces that melted in the mouth, adding a tinge of citrus to balance it’s tenderness.

Had the evening been only about appetisers, it would’ve been sufficient enough to fill the craving bells, but this was only half the excitement because the main course was yet to come.

It started off with Pahadi Lehsooni Palak, which was inviting & flavourful. It had a lovely taste to it, especially as they used fresh spinach and a pleasing garnish that was incorporated in the preparation.


Paneer Ke Dulme was a speciality that I particularly liked, only because of the use of strong, exciting ingredients that gave it the authenticity that one always looks forward to. A dish you must try if you go there.


The Murgh Karachiwala was perhaps my favourite dish of the night, not only because it had such a diverse blend of rich spices to offer, but because the meat was immensely succulent and juicy. Delicous, wholesome and to put in other words- “Fire In My Mouth”.


The Murgh Dehati was another delicious creation of creamy spices, which (without doing too much) gave out a similar taste to what we call “Kadaai” in hindi. The Murgh Dehati was made with the idea of giving out a flavour of coconut, yet an element of sweetness to relish. And it worked!


No Indian meal is ever complete without a signature Daal Makhani and Biryani. This meal was no different when assessing that criteria, because the soft texture of the Biryani infused with tender chicken pieces, did wonders when I ate with the breathtaking Daal Makhani. It was so good that I could’ve ordered a bowl of daal just for myself and smiled whilst consuming it.

The best part about enjoying an Indian meal is when you have a dessert that hits the sweet spot straight away, after you’ve spent time indulging yourself into some strong spices. The Gulab Jamun with Rabdi was beautifully served with the right amount of warmth. Being a huge fan of Gulab Jamuns myself, this was an automatic winner for me in most ways. And when served with Rabdi, the last thing you’ll want to do, is say no to it. I’ve tried the Calcutta Meetha Paan at another place in Mumbai before, but this certainly took the cake with the cherry on top of it. It almost felt like I was chewing on bits of frozen paan. Such a palate cleanser!


The only drawback that was rather apparent throughout the night, was that, all the AC’s throughout the mall stopped working. It became a challenge to enjoy every dish, given that Indian food is generally very high in heat & oil. But the saviour was when we were shifted to the restaurant next door that seemed to have their cooling systems in place.

If you happen to be visiting Phoenix Market City in Kurla and are in the mood for a meal that gives you a value for money deal, then this is certainly a place you should visit. I definitely would…



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