Monday Mantra: Let Your Weekend Passion Carry You Through

There are easily more people in this world that would endorse the thought of Monday, as a day of recovery, lethargy, ‘too tired to wake up’, or as it’s commonly called, the Monday Blues. And being someone who’s often experienced a similar sense of demotivated energy at the start of a week, I’m finally doing somewhat decent at making my peace with this thing called the ‘First day of the week’.


For most things in my life if not all, I’ve been fortunate enough to be blessed with the ability to pour my thoughts out in a rather eloquent manner. I often receive phones and texts messages saying, “Zoran, I’m having a terrible Monday. Cheer me up please”, “Oh, this Monday is so boring, I wish the weekend never ended.” “I can’t wait for Friday to come, so I can forget about the week”. And to all of this that I fully agree with, I only have one way or rather one effective mechanism that I can offer- Gratefulness towards your Passion.

Yes, your passion is what is meant to drive you on any given day, at any given time, for endless hours without the thought of burning out. And whilst you do that, make sure you’ve got a reason to keep you going, (even if the reason is watching silly memes on Twitter or Facebook). The way I handle these snippets of negative energy or a lack of passion, is by writing. Not because writing can heal the process of forgetting your insecurities or nonsensical notions of what you aren’t capable of doing, but because it’s a reminder to yourself of everything that you can do, even when you’re in an environment that isn’t conducive to the kind of magic that you want to create.

To make this concept of approaching your Monday in a rather relaxed manner, here are some of my cents that I’ve thrown light upon…

  • Every emotion walks its own path, its own hope, towards its own destination. What matters is how much of it can you make yours.
  • If you can let your belief fly, you’ll more or less land up on a canvas that was meant to showcase your vision. And that’s special.
  • Being with yourself is a prerequisite towards reaching your core. It’s what everyone aims to achieve, but it doesn’t come easy.
  • There are always going to be those who’d rather give you the negatives over the positives. Keep them as lessons to move on from.
  • And when you feel the need to voice your desire, your identity, your poise, don’t let hesitancy take over. Because that’s being YOU!
  • Rest assured, enjoy the nit-bits that come with the moment of the day, because authenticity doesn’t repeat itself. Just that one time.

I know the day is already walking towards the hours of sunset, but sitting at a cafe, I couldn’t help but share my ‘high on life’ mode with you. So enjoy this Monday whilst it lasts. Because what you may have thought as a regular day after an amazing weekend, could become special, only if you choose to look at it that way.

Enjoy this week with passion & Friday will be here in no time!

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