The X-Men Rage Just Went On Another Level

X-Men fans! Dreaming of becoming powerful like your Superhero? Yes, for all those die-hard X-Men fans, I’m sure you’re tickling yourself for May 20th, 2016 to come soon, so you can catch the First Day, First Show of the much awaited X-Men: Apocalypse.

Let’s take the X-Men mania a little further by indulging you into an exciting opportunity to win a 4 day trip to Gold Coast in Australia, by HyperX, for their “Gear up for HyperX” promotion. Now this is certainly a one in a million golden ticket to live your dream.
The 4 Day adventure trip to Gold Coast, Australia, comes along with all these goodies:
3 Night luxury hotel stay in Gold Coast
– Cruise to Australia for a fantastic stay in the incredible city of Gold Coast.
Super Fly Boarding experience
– Gear up to face the Apocalypse as you control the element on a thrilling, real life, fly board experience.
X-Men Tandem Sky Dive
– Get into the exclusive X-Men uniform to a try your hand at flying an airplane
Scale The Tallest Building in Australia
– Admire the breathtaking view of the Gold Coast from 1000 ft.
HyperX has planned this once in a lifetime opportunity and promotion for all you X-Men Fans to come and stand a chance to become an X-Men yourself.
And so, to take part in this exciting offer, this is all you have to do. Hold on tight…
Buy any HyperX product from any store in India (yes, it can be from online but has to be Indian) and send in your details here to stand a chance for the X-Men Lucky Draw. If you thought the X-Men trip is the only thing up for the grabs, here’s more. Plenty of other HyperX products like HyperX Cloud II Headset (Random Colour) or HyperX Savage USB Drive 64GB will be yours too.
So hurry up, buy a HyperX product from your store nearby and become the next X-Men.

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