Nothing like having a Cappuccino Attitude…

Traditionally, the mindset of one used to work in the direction of “oh, if I need to be motivated, I need to stay in contact with good sleep, good people and good thoughts.” And while that is entirely true, we take the existence of caffeine for granted in our lives.

Coffee is a such an attractive, calming and essential factor in beginning every morning. For me, it’s my stimulator of channelizing my “to-do-things”, “how should approach my challenges” to “I feel I can take on the day.” Caffeine intake has not only become a habit of choice, but a culture that many creative minds adapt to, when they’re in process of creating magic or something uniquely special. The taste of a good cappuccino or a cafe mocha, brings back a huge cushion of nostalgia, with precious memories attached to it. And, because the beauty of it lies in taking every sip by prepping yourself up for the day, it strangely motivates you to get those things done that you otherwise wouldn’t have imagined.


A good coffee makes for a good conversation, a deep connect with a similar thinking mind or a heart, and for many entrepreneurs, coffee exhilarates the chances of striking an important business deal as well. Be it the taste, the aroma, or the right amount of steam sparkling out, those brownish-black beans have the power to help you nurture an otherwise dull and morose day.

Being the coffeeholic that I am, I begun my week with a home made Columbian dark roast, and that instantly made me want to pen down the aroma of my current mindset. So now matter however sluggish you feel and when in absolute doubt, make yourself a cup or walk to a nearby cafe. Cause guess what, a Cappuccino attitude never hurts.

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