Taking a few sips from the Fratelli Vinyard, over an evening in Mumbai

We often associate good food and wine in accordance to the ambience that it sets itself up against. And most times, it is the kind of wine that you drink, which makes the evening just the right kind of outing you were craving for in days. I had just that kind of an evening about a week back at Bandra’s rustic and charming Pali Village Cafe, during an exclusive Fratelli Wine Tasting session.

Craig W. Wedge with Guests

All the way from the finest Fratelli Vineyards, introducing a range of M/S Wines, I spent about 2-3 hours savouring the classic furment touch that each of the wines I tasted, presented me with. Fratelli Wines give you a perfect blend of finesse and flavour, especially when it’s complemented with a platter of cheese.

M_S Tasting by Craig W. Wedge

The M/S collection gave out a very refreshing appeal, which made me want more of it as the evening went by. Being an Indo-Italian joint enterprise that has been crafted by Maestro’s like Piero Masi and Steven Spurrier, this brand has garnered 12 international awards, and has progressively been recognised and honoured on various platforms. It’s consistent growth has enabled a name for Indian wines in the international market.

M_S Tasting at Pali Village Cafe

The evening was spearheaded by tasting soiree and a wine lover himself, Craig W. Wedge. Someone who understand the beauty and the science behind the process of making good wine and making it a way of life, Craig’s keynote elevated the spark of the evening. And just as the wine tasting session carried it’s rituals, a delicious spread of Italian food was laid out to enhance this scintillating experience.

Hence, such moments in life have convinced me to believe that amidst everything that you do, when in doubt or despair, just pour yourself a glass of Wine and forget life for a while. Because that’s the best decision you’ll probably ever make.

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