When Wellness joins hands with Luxury…

One would think that eating food on a dinning table, is perhaps the only thing that matters whilst you’re seated throughout your meal. But in reality, what you do with the etiquette that you’ve developed over the years, is what nurtures your ability to experience the luxury of dinning.


About two weeks back, in the midst of a cozy and warm room at the Smoke House Deli outlet in Bandra, some of the contemporary bloggers and lifestyle intellectuals got together for the launch of two very fascinating and intriguing concepts, executed and presented by Kishco – one of the very well own cutlery brands in the country. It was a rather informal gathering led by Namita Jain, Managing Director of Kishco Limited. Not only has she authored multiple pieces and write ups in various publications in the culinary world, but she’s also dappled the medium of fitness and wellness as one of her core ventures.


The evening introduced the audience to a well researched and in-depth video on Etiquette put together by Kishco, where it presents various skills, table manners and the right dinner attitude that kids should learn from a young age to garner. Because eventually, your ability to portray the etiquette you’ve learnt, is a reason to be judged in public. Also, a new range of their Innochef cutlery was on display. It surfaced on the mantras of healthy and clean cooking, that enables a good lifestyle.


Such an initiative to express the importance of wellness and the desire to live a well rounded lifestyle is so essential in today’s day and age. Especially, amidst a culture that sometimes ignores the norms of society that are only designed to shape a better life and a vision dedicated towards personal growth.

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