The Buzz Around The Kala Ghoda Arts Festival

Energy has always lent itself as a synonym to the city of Mumbai, given the highly power-packed and full throttled buzz that it tends to generate about any regional, culture or international event that it celebrates.

Just like every year for the last 3 years, I decided to make my way to the Kala Ghoda Festival last week. An event that has only grown over the years through it’s interface with the youth and the empowerment of voice. The festival is not just about various organisations, colleges and individuals setting up their stalls and initiatives, but a way for people to come by and participate in a much larger socially relevant cause.


I have always been fascinated by the way it conducts the theme of the event, where well known personalities from the world of culinary, film, art and society as a whole, come together as one, to lend their two cents and experiences, with the hope to enrich a generation of dreamers. What I also love about the festival is the genuine openness that it endorses, of welcoming people from all walks of life. There are no reservations or limitations of affordability at any given point. So you could ideally see a middle class family spending a day with the kids through the fun street where the event is set up, as well as a famous celebrity participating in some of the workshops, talk shows and launches that are organised throughout the week.


An event like the Kala Ghoda festival does everything to ensure a sense of diversity and cultural acceptance through it’s well respected platform, thanks to the support it has garnered over the years. And if for nothing else, the festival is a great way to unwind from all the other unnecessary hinderances and unrequired negativity that Mumbai sometimes happens to be at the receiving end of. After all, it celebrates the true spirit of Mumbai.



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