When the heart feels heavy, just Write…

Every form of Art, irrespective of it’s form or expression, has a sense of subtlety and finesse attached to it’s creation. Be the poetry you pen down, or the song you sing, the music you compose, or the act that you perform, the charm of bearing a piece of your heart for the world to discover, is the most honest way to breathe.

And so last night, at about 2:40 am, whilst the silence of love engulfed me, I decided to pen down my two cents through a heartfelt Poem. Whichever way you choose to perceive it, be rest assured that my expression is only a mirror that opens up a side to me. So for whatever it is worth, here goes…



When I spoke to you, all of a sudden I felt new.
I don’t know what it is or was about you, that gave me the courage to be unfiltered, real & large hearted. And therefore, my love for you isn’t overrated.
There is no one like you that could’ve shared what we had between me & you.
Because all throughout this distasteful turbulent tide of anxiety & questions, all I have had for you is smiles to capture, love to expand & care to nurture.
So help me be yours once again, cause your presence in my empty breath, hour and day, will make me want to make your day, once again.


The relief and the hollowness of love that you feel once you’ve inked the words that define you, is an impulse that holds second to none. So to all those who question their everyday worries and quarrel with their inner battles to find solace and some direction, the best way out is to write. And to write without any limitations, mental setbacks and conditions is a virtue that you’ll thank yourself for.

Because truly, there has never been a more honest and pure way to live a moment of despair or happiness, without being able to express it wholeheartedly.

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