Max Emerging Star’s Finale ends on a Grand note…

From a talent hunt search in 4 different cities, to stepping up on the big stage amidst Bollywood’s well known names, Max Emerging Star has come a long way.

The Grand Finale of Max Emerging Star was held in B-town’s capital, Mumbai, at Phoenix Mills. Despite the weather being unfriendly due to Mumbai’s horrendous heat, the event was a success, as it began with dance performers from Terence Lewis’s dance academy, breaking a leg to some of Bollywood’s well known tracks.

The evening was graced by an esteemed panel of judges, with consisted of Legendary actor Anupam Kher, well known yesteryear model Marc Robinson, dance guru Terence Lewis and the executive director of Max Emerging Star, Vasant Kumar.

But the real stars of the evening were the 3 fine talents that won the contest after competing hard at proving their worth. It was a close call, but in the end it was Akarsh Alag from Lucknow and Swayenshu Mohanty from Bhubaneshwar who won in the Male category, and Pranali Mistry from Vadodara, who prevailed and won in the female category.

Rest assured, this is only the start to a bright and a promising future for these young and talented stars of tomorrow. Wishing them all the best in every accolade and milestone they surpass as the days go by. I’m sure their parents must be immensely proud, just as much as the judges were.

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