Muscat’s trendy summer brings about a classy vibe…

When one talks about setting a trend, it’s got more to do with how you choose to decorate it on your skin than anything else. Because every piece of clothing or accessory speaks a different language when it is perceived through the lens of a camera.

A strong fashion is when one is able to incorporate elements of their personality, which best describe them. So for instance, wearing a Sherlock Holmes hat or a fedora best describes someone who’s always been a deep thinker and one who likes to push his/her creative juices to the brim.

Less than a month back, I was back home in Oman, and whilst the sun was moderately beating, I decided to make use of my wardrobe by throwing some colour to an already stunning Marina, by the Wave.

Photo Credit: Venkat Kaki

I decided to merge a pair of black slacks with a light blue glazed Express shirt, to give it that classic business look. My tuxedo styled Zara blazer does wonders to elevate the essence of the image in an already scintillating backdrop. When thinking business-like, the kind of shades and shoes you wear is extremely important, as it instantly sets an impression on the type of company you’re engaging with. These black netted Milano loafers have always given off a vintage, executive layering of class.

Photo Credit: Venkat Kaki

These phenomenal Jack & Jones limited edition wooden edged Wafers give any look under the sun, the kind of sex appeal one requires to set an impression. And that pretty much encompasses the new aged, business look that I intended to express for the lens.

Photo Credit: Venkat Kaki

One can never really define style of a certain kind in a word or two, simply because it all boils down to one’s perception of what stands out on a particular day or for that matter in a particular country. Needless to say, the charm of sunny Oman wore on me effortlessly.

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