It takes a small gesture to fill up a Mother’s gigantic heart…

Most of us in this world, if not all, are blessed with the unique privilege of having a best friend of some sort, either from school days or the ones that we make along the journey of life. But very rare are those, who are blessed to say that “my mother is my best friend.” I say so, because I’m one of those blessed ones.

The frequent sweat and toil of every day life becomes somewhat comforting when there’s someone like a Mother who understands the pain and effort it takes to cope and overcome various burdens and heartbreaks. She is the only person who doesn’t require an explanation and neither does she ask for anything in return for her unconditional love and affection towards you. The only clause that comes with this unique relationship between a Mother and a child, is that you respect the way she feels for you.

Today being a Monday, which in other words means – “The start of another week”, I accidentally stumbled upon a heartwarming video, where a set of employees of a company, express their love for their Mothers and what they plan to do in order to make that one day special for them. An initiative created by Axis Mutual Fund, does so much to bring a tear in the eye but reminding us and discovering some of the purest moments that matter to a mother, be it yours or anyone else’s.

All it takes is one call or one hug to tell your Mom what she means to you. So if you feel like you haven’t performed this beautiful deed in a while, do anything and everything it takes to tell that woman who brought you into this world, how much you love her. I know I will.

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