Why “Dreaming” is the most realistic thing you can do…

At every stage in one’s life there comes a typical crossroad, that makes one choose between the far fetched vision and the obvious desire to chase everything your potential can harness. But within this drive to make that journey so worthwhile, comes numerous moments of skepticism, ambiguity, short sightedness of hope and just that simple question – how will I manage to achieve this so effortlessly?

Many things in my life have been led by the concept of “just by chance” or the virtue of being at the right place and at the right time. I’m not saying that it’s the only way that one should learn to take every moment as it comes, but it surely does imply a certain insight into the fact that certain things in one’s life happen because they were always destined for you to cherish. Be it the hike in your salary after working tirelessly in a well known organisation for months or years or a role you so badly want in a particular film (if you’re an actor that is). It somehow manouvers the direction of your intentions in a manner, which manifest the kind of results you hope for. And that’s when the ability to remain positive comes into play.

Photo Credit: Piyu Banerjee

There are many cynics who believe that a hopeless optimist is as good as a broken clock telling you the time in a day. But that’s not what this concept of “being positive” is really about. It has barely anything to do with immaturity and silliness of action, and more to do with being realistic about your near future. Although I agree that prevailing something which is already broken can only cause more damage if remaining positive is your only response to the situation. But nine out of ten times, this theory of holding onto who you are from within, somehow, somewhere, begins to defy the odds and ends up falling into your hope of making that one thing which you so badly want, happen.

To dream aimlessly is perhaps as good as wanting an Oscar for the best actor without having studied the craft of acting or knowing anything about it. Even a photographer gets a step closer to his dream of wanting to be somewhat good with the camera, only after figuring out how well the lens and resolution work in tandem, to give him the results he is looking for. It takes hours, sweat, determination, will and eventually the hard work you invest into it, that begins to make that dream look more and more realistic by the day.

Photo Credit: Piyu Banerjee

Yes, some deal with the process of struggle for longer than others, but eventually whatever is due to you in terms of the fruits that you deserve, come to you before you know it. And therefore, I strongly believe that dreaming is no tragedy. Infact, it’s the only way that one can chase the unthinkable if the fuel to remain positive never dies out. It’s not easy, but then life never came with a beginner’s course on how to face struggle either. It came as an accident to let you know that everything you go through, will either heal you or give you success only with more experience.

Therefore, this very concept of dreaming and visualising everything that you wish for, is by far the greatest asset to exercise, every time you begin to question the direction that your journey tends to take.

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