The right Social toy for the wrong Generation!

We live in a world, where unfortunately, indifference has begun to dictate terms faster than the president of a country. Within this fierce divide of interests, tastes, genuine choices, and the need to be comforted by a distraction of sorts, comes the advent of an addiction that we term as Social Media. While I completely admire the beauty of a platform like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, I am also someone who understands the strength and flaws of a medium that happens to influence our lives in more ways than one.

This ongoing addiction that we draw towards Social Media, many a times, stems from the idleness of not wanting to push that inner dream of wanting to achieve those aspects which don’t require a “Like” or a “Retweet” tab. It therefore becomes a constant shoulder to rub, in times of a delay whilst boarding a flight, waiting for a dinner reservation, and strangely, whilst having a real time conversation with someone sitting besides you. There’s absolutely no harm in utilising the genius behind the kind of things it can do to enhance your personal worth and reach, and in taking a brand to places. However, it’s disgusting ability to create a world where people have fallen prey to it’s comfort, is what becomes worrying.

With factors that affect society on a personal level, thanks to the unfortunate occurrences of terrorist attacks, natural calamities and the abuse of humanity, Social Media does such an impeccable job at garnering the kind of unity that one needs at such a time, to come forth strong and fight the odds for a better tomorrow. But that’s where the game doesn’t pause. A status or a tweet to express your concern or affection towards the unfortunate breaking news, is a phenomenal way to feel closer to something that affects your well being. But to indulge in a conversation of harm and negative banter, especially whilst the conversation happening in front of your eyes is far too beautiful to miss out on, is perhaps where the world has lost the desire to restore grace, poise and innocence.

There are moments that don’t require a kodak capture, and neither does it warrant a selfie. What it does demand, however, is the relentless mindset to be engrossed deeply within that conversation (perhaps with a cup of coffee), to give yourself the chance to experience real happiness. Somewhere within the chase of wanting to better the other one, or just the profuse need to portray competition, one has blocked the passage of honest, real, dialogue and an exchange of emotions – something that would only promise to calm an otherwise turbulent day or week.

Having lived through the ups and downs of a life that has more or less been a privileged one to say the least, I couldn’t be more thankful for the influence of Social Media in my every day life. But I’ve come to realise through the paradigm where real has become virtual, and virtual has become real, that there is a greater need to preserve the art of having a conversation that doesn’t necessarily have to be the status that the world likes or the tweet that becomes viral. Because after all, what you project through your heart, is something that a digital invention will never be able to live up to.

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