Day 1 of 2018 – Embrace Newness!

To every stale feature in your every day attempt to break through a miracle or an obstacle, there comes a strange sense of hope. That hope which begins with “I really want to do it”, and gets interrupted by “But what if it doesn’t go as planned”. To every thought that understands and embraces change, knows that an overnight or even a fortnight for that matter, feels too less for it occur. But, it eventually happens.

The year of 2017 went by through the blink of an eye, and it didn’t leave without it’s incredible share of despair, tragedy of sorts and high level of stress all through the globe. But within this unpredictable and harsh nature of outcomes and eventualities, one learnt that nothing that you imagine or deem as permanent or ‘here to stay’, is quite the case. In fact, it is exactly opposite of the game that you think life will play with you. But that’s 2017 and that’s what it had written in it’s book of testimonies and agenda.

However, here we are on the 1st of January, 2018, and there’s nothing but a simple thought that comes to mind. Newness. The idea that every stale mindset has a silver lining, every overrated mood has a sweet end, and every change that you promise to make today, can change the way the next 365 days shape itself to beccome. But embracing newness and celebrating that rare thing called Love, requires the courage to avoid and ignore every element that sabotages your stride to remain happy and focused. It begins with what you can do about yourself, for yourself. The belief that welcoming a new year like 2018 will culminate into something special, if you’ve got what it takes to correct everything that went wrong in the past.

It’s Day 1, and it’s time to begin today. NOW. Wishing you and your loved ones all the love, happiness and unconditional success. Happy New Year. And, may the smiles never fade away!

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