The miraculous Beach therapy! #MyOman

There are those who understand the conscience better than plain simple logic. And there are those who put practicality to the forefront, thinking that their true calling and passion will stem like a magnet. I’m not too sure if practicality and mental stability go hand in hand when you’re looking for a change of scene, a renewed avenue of thought, or just simply, a change in the course of the things that you’ve been doing for a significant period of time.

Recently, I was back home in Oman for about 2 weeks or so.  I don’t know if it’s the kind of relation that I share with this incredibly beautiful country, having grown up there for 19 glorious years, or because of what it actually symbolizes, but something about being in Oman finds itself closest to the definition of calmness and peace. Yes, those two crazily remarkable elements that many struggle to understand, let alone experience nowadays. But, my story has been somewhat smooth flowing, if not ideal. I say this, because having a house situated right on the beach, has it’s perks and rare benefits. And like many, I too have been in the bubble of transition regarding the many things that life presents me with on a day to day basis. Yes there have been moments that make me want to knock my head to the wall harder than ever before, and there those immensely gratifying moments that taste sweeter than gratitude. But within this paradigm of wanting to find the kind of solace that fuels a happier state of mind, a stronger attitude, lies the solution of walking to the beach every 24 hours if not more.

Being someone who’s always considered a sunset, the perfect opportunity to Instagram a capture, or snapchat a glimpse, or Facebook a memory, the beach has a way to satisfy you from the very first minute. And that is perhaps where sanity fits in perfectly, for as long as you desire it to. My everyday frequent walks to the beach became a ritual that had to be done, before the day’s end. The soothing tune of the waves, act as the best catalyst throughout the day when chaos knows no other way out. And that perhaps, enabled me to see clarity through a streamlined tone and helped me focus on the finer things of life, that we otherwise tend to avoid or overlook. Just a few minutes of conscious isolation is rather imperative to draw yourself into a meditative space, which propels every possibility of becoming a newer you. Being in Muscat isn’t just my pit stop to recharge my batteries, but the perfect blend between mental and emotional comfort, that makes every minute spent doing whatever it is that I am, worth the need to recharge and absorb the energy around.

Calmness is an asset that not every individual understand the importance of, until they encounter the loophole that leads them to feeling better about themselves. It is sometimes underrated, only because within this day and age of wear and tear, we have somewhere forgotten to give ourselves the pat on the back or the credit that we deserve. A few deep breaths and some genuine introspection while taking a walk on the beach and hearing the scintillating waves engulfing you, makes you feel one within yourself.

Therefore, if there’s a place of escape that you’re looking for or a kind of natural remedy to recharge your worn out self, then going to the beach listens the sound of your heart that you most desire. And if beach is the thought of the hour, then you can’t miss out of visiting Muscat and it’s breathtaking beaches.

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