Euphoria, Through The Eyes Of A Sports Fan!


Very few things these days, manage to stir up the impeccable passion, love, and a sense of unity, that sports brings about. Someone who’s been an avid and diehard sports fan all my life, I can closely relate to the essence that one’s love for a Sport, holds in society.

Last week, I caught up with Alfredo Nagel, who spoke to me about his love for martial arts and how significant a role it has played, in shaping his life. He talks to me about how martial arts (specifically Karate and Judo), became a part of his growing up years from the age of six. One of the things Alfredo beautifully emphasized upon, is the commitment and discipline that one needs, to be able to excel at any sport. He stresses upon his high level of discipline, because of what it took for him to be at his best, while pursuing karate.

Every sportsman experiences a low point in their career, which often inspires the desire to come back stronger and excel. At 14, Alfredo got defeated in the finals of a Karate competition. Not only did he realize what defeat was back then, but it gave him the chance to assess those areas that he needed to work harder at, to be able to stand a chance in future tournaments. Being the competitive sport that martial arts is, Alfredo describes his emotion of watching UFC fights, as “I feel like a warrior.” One of the most crucial aspects in Sports, is about instinct during defining moments in a game. This play-to-win attitude, is how Alfredo believes success can be achieved.

We also discussed the role that the Media plays, in influencing a Sport, its fans and everything that surrounds the game. Alfredo believes that the Media serves as a powerful platform in creating the required awareness, and throws light towards the qualities that make players great. He also feels that the exposure of social media, encourages those who possess the right kind of determination, to be able to enhance their skill set. As a viewer, Alfredo feels that martial arts is all about the moments that count, because everything can change with a knock or a kick. Words aren’t enough to express the impact that martial arts has had in his life, because it gave him the peace of mind and discipline in becoming the man he is, today.


One thought on “Euphoria, Through The Eyes Of A Sports Fan!

  1. Writing is an art and when a written interview brings and makes a conversation ‘live’, it is surely a feather in the hat of a writer.
    Choice of words and making it simple to comprehend the sport and its nuances is most certainly a skill of an experienced articulator; a learned writer.

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